MGS The Five 2 (S60)

MGS The Five 2 (S60) 1.01

Attractive 5-in-a-row game with multiple styles and levels

MGS The Five 2 is an elegant board game based on the ancient Chinese game Wu-Zi, or Renju as it is known in Japan. The goal of the game is to line up five of your chess pieces in a line before your opponent does.

The game is presented with 5 beautifully rendered background themes with animated chess pieces. Multiple difficulty levels and an Undo option will allow novices as well as veterans to enjoy the game. Not only can you challenge another player through Bluetooth, you can even taunt him using Noumena's built-in Bluetooth voice chat (coming soon)!


  • 5 beautifully colored board themes
  • Animated and funny chess pieces
  • Bluetooth multiplayer mode
  • Bluetooth voice chat capability (coming soon)
  • Varying levels of difficulty
  • Undo button for novices
  • Unfinished games are saved automatically

A well designed and highly enjoyable game for your S60 phone.

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MGS The Five 2 (S60)


MGS The Five 2 (S60) 1.01